Overview of the email that will be the sent to your employer

" Your name ", suggests that your employer / institution / municipality encourage carpooling among its employees / students / citizens through tools and services offered by The Carpooling Network.

The Carpooling Network's mission is to provide our affiliate partners (municipalities, transit agencies, employers and educational institutions), tools and support necessary for the establishment and effective management of sustainable mobility program.

The benefits of a carpool program are some of the following :

  • Optimization of your parking lot spaces ;
  • Facilitates recruitment activities and retention of your workforce ;
  • Substantial savings of money for your community and reduction of the business travels realted expenses ;
  • Improves quality of life for your employees / students (reduces stress, facilitates travel) ;
  • Perfect complement to the different public transit networks;
  • Low cost of implementation and management of an automated program ;
  • Reduces the environmental footprint of your organization ;
  • Reduces traffic congestion.


Imagine, if only 10% of your employees, students or citizens carpooled on a daily basis, your organization would help them greatly to reduce their CO2 emissions and would contribute to bettering their quality of life. As an example, a person who carpools everyday will have its CO2 emissions reduced by 1.6 ton per year. Furthermore, this person will save approximately $2,500 per year.

About The Carpooling Network

The software integrated into The Carpooling Network enables companies, institutions, municipalities, transit agencies and any other organization to promote carpooling within their community. Through partnerships, registered members have access to a performing, user-friendly and easy to use tool.

Over 50 partners have joined the initiative to promote carpooling through their communities. The Carpooling Network was able to develop industry-unique technologies that enable organizations of all sizes to manage simply and effectively a sustainable mobility program, in both Canada and United States.

For further information please contact The Carpooling Network : 514-774-8607, Toll-free 1-877-774-8607; www.carpoolingnetwork.com