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Driving cost sharing calculator

The calculator allows you to define a fair contribution between drivers and passengers.

It also provides an overview of how much money you could save by carpooling and potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Step 1: Calculator parameters (set according to your state or province):
Calculator parameters are set for
Average gas price for your location:
Step 2: Fixed operating costs based on an average of 15538 miles
Total: 0.00 $
Cost per mile travelled: 0.00 $ / miles
Display / Modify the suggested costs
Step 3: Fuel consumption of the vehicule used to travel
Select your type of vehicle:
Step 4: Distance traveled
Specify the distance in mile of your trip / commute (one way):
Calculate for a round trip:
This trip will be done only once (not a regular commute):
Number of people in the vehicule (including the driver):
Step 5: Daily additional fees

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