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Use and privacy Policy - Individual
  1. Names, postal addresses and email addresses are not published.
  2. All information obtained on the member’s file is and will remain for the exclusive purpose of The Carpooling Network.
  3. A messaging service is integrated our Website, insuring the confidentiality of all personal information.
  4. The member is solely responsible for sharing his personal information.
  5. In order to keep all the information provided confidential, safety measures have been taken.
  6. When a member completes the process by which an employer or institution will certify a member as an employee or student, the member agrees that The Carpooling Network will provide access to the employer / institution to all information related to his personal file.
 Use policy - Employer, institution (school, college or university), munipality, transit agency and any other type of organization.
Prior agreement must precede any form of promotion of the service, communication or use by an employer, an educational institution, a municipality or any other type of organization.
Terms and conditions addressed to The Carpooling Network registered members
Click here to read the Terms and conditons addressed to The Carpooling Network registered members.

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